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Sauna Means Serenity

Three sauna spirits to choose from – mild sweet steam, the standard middle, and the traditional smoke fire of hades. All wood fired to give the right mellow, the right intensity, the right spirit in the sauna room. Cool in the pond, wash in peace, in sacred time and space.

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To be a Finn is to sit in a state of grace in the sauna. The steam-spirit the water ladle calls up from the rocks makes an other-worldly sound and melds you – and whomever might have joined – with the flow of unnoticed time. By yourself, you set the pace. With a group – as many as 25 divided among the three choices – you can share thoughts as well as the steam. It is all done in a peaceful way. Which of the three ways is your way?


The Auramo is the best of the oldest Finnish saunas. Its vaulted ceiling, its massive construction and unique rock-heater ensure a consistent delivery of evenly soft steam.  Thanks to the generous space, the air circulation is optimal and the room is never overheated.  There is the added modern touch of showers!


The traditional sauna found at nearly every summer home in Finland.  A little walk leads you to the little forest, private rambler, Aurelius. Throw away your worries with your clothes.  Let your mind calm down and your body relax in the traditional way of the country-side sauna.  Spare and simple, bathing is an art form long ago perfected in this kind of place.


Ancestral Smoke-fire saunas has always been a source of health and well-being for Finns – both physically and mentally. The smoke-fire sauna is the most authentic of Finnish saunas.  Fired for a long time with an open wood flame stove, the smoke escapes out a hole in the ceiling, leaving the interior space radiant. The heat and the selected ladle-load of steam are all surrounding.  A captivating, all in experience! 

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