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Organized Meetings,
Calibrations and Relaxed Events

Are you looking for a different, experiential and quality space for a meeting, celebration or event? Rahgamo Resort offers all this and more.

Meeting and Eating at Rahgamo

At Rahgamo Resort, you will find sophisticated meeting and banqueting facilities in the middle of the forest. For evenings out, choose an a la carte dinner at either the Villa and Restaurant Armas. Enjoy informal meals and local delicacies in the Sampo’s home. Or start the day with simple fare in your lodging.

Before your choice, your seating can be opened ted by relaxed steam bath in Autera, a modern sauna in Auramo or a traditional smoke fire one in Aurelius. Let us help organize a complete package that fits the occasion.

Our Commitment to Service

Our catering plan is always coordinated with your event, whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner. Serving can be done as a versatile Scandinavian-style selection table or a table-served à la carte menu.
Our dining-experience aim at Rahgamo Resort is to provide the best recipes using natural ingredients, all obtained fresh for local producers. We favor unprocessed foods, natural side dishes, and local game.

Our Commitment to Quality

We do not use additives or processed products. We do as much as possible ourselves – from the best local raw materials. This is the secret to the taste and wholesomeness of our food – natural and naturally grown produce and meats. Authentic flavors from the lakes, forests and fields. Fish, game, tubers, mushrooms, berries, and herbs, grown and ripened in the wild, changing as the seasons and nature make them available.

Rahgamo Resort

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