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Whether alone or in a group, Rahgamo Resort offers a choice of unstructured activities and guided programs. Select the right one for the occasion.

Sports And Games: Free And Guided Activities

Walk alone in the wild, hike with a group – the boardwalks and trails wind through the Rahgamo Resort woods and waters, with Rahgamo Resort at its center. The natural setting increases the joy of exercise and raises the wellness of the spirit.

Your group can play sandlot volleyball, frisbee golf, compete in friendly races and lawn games. There is a small archery and air rifle range, and a soccer field. Chase a team orienteering or playing laser tag in amongst the trees. Trail ride together or alone. Chop wood, start a small camp fire for an evening roast. You can do it on your own, with friends, with new Rahgamo Resort acquaintances. You can choose a staff leader to organize it or a couch to guide you through it.


The is no need to run or jump to vie with a friend or build a team. Activities more brains than brawn come easy at Rahgamo Resort. Friendly individual competition and inclusive social games helps all of us in many ways. Whether it’s hitting a target, solving a knot, coming up with funny story around a camp fire, it is all available and possible here – with or without staff organizers.  

EkoAims Laser Marksmanship

The new era of EkoAims makes marksmanship open to all ages and abilities. The laser light source is absolutely safe, environmentally friendly, bullet-free and noiseless. EkoAims has been use at the Paralympic Games and training by the Finnish Biathlon Association. Come see how your aim improves either on your own or with a group.

Other Things to Do at Rahgamo Resort

Rather pick berries for breakfast, mushrooms for later, or learn about how to achieve an organic garden on your own? Our guides will take you to jest the right spot or show you the best technique. And you can choose to share the doing of it all – from patch to pot to plate. If you prefer keeping out of the rough or racing around the oval, the Alastaro Motor Sports Center and Golf Course are a short drive away. 

Hunting in Rahgamo Woods And Wetlands

Rahgamo Resort is surrounded by a ​​10,000-hectare hunting enclave. The Resort is built on the site of an old hunting lodge and continues to serve this activity. The area has a long and renowned hunting tradition, with hunters coming from all walks of life – from government and company officials to weekend sports men and women.

Deer hunting takes place both during day and dusk, depending on the snow conditions. Day time hunts can be with dogs or alone on foot. Evening hunting is from heated blinds, with room for a few dedicated group members to overnight for the chance of an early morning shot.  

Arrange a Program withLife Instructor Jenni

An internationally recognized fitness and personal development instructor, Jenni Levävaara offers individualized and group interactions, lectures, and clinics in health and life improvement. You can have her organize everything from stretch breaks from high-level business meetings to multiday workout and nutrition programs. She also offers guidance in personal goals and life balance.


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