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Find inspiration in the waters and woods of western Finland.

Meeting, celebrating, and wandering together in nature. 

Restore in the sauna and healthy foods, rest in modern interiors in historic lodgings.

Rahgamo Resort

An hour from Turku, Tampere, and Pori, just over two from Helsinki, Rahgamo Resort is embraced in a woodland of spruce and birch, centered on a ponded spring, and a short walk from a wilderness wetland.  Rahgamo Resort is the place for inspirational meetings, celebrations, and restoring holidays for as few as 2 and as many as 25.  Heritage architecture opens to warm living spaces, the spring to a cool dip from the sauna, and wide paths to hundreds of acres of forest walks and views.  Ever present in ever-lasting Finnish kelo wood, the feeling is of nature’s calm endurance.  

Refresh in the middle of the forest, on the nature trails and in pond-side social activities. Sauna in peace – there are 3 experiences to choose from, from mild to standard to max.  Enjoy delicious local foods and special meats and berries in the kelowood restaurant Armas.  You can choose to bake summer crepes in the peace of Sampo’s, the Magic Mill’s, home.  Or sip backwoods pan-boiled coffee at forest blind on organized wildlife viewing or hunting events. Sleep at the end of the day in a cozy cottage, in a sturdy villa, on the open balcony – or even tucked away on a traditional open-air forest-loft. 

Whether it is a formal meeting, a group retreat, or a personal pause, our staff will serve the moment in a memorable way.  Owned and operated by a renowned wellness trainer, your stay will be arranged to offer the best that our natural setting and personal attention can provide.     


Hold meetings and banquets in warm halls amid the woods. Party and dine in the Villa or celebrate with the variety offered in the Restaurant Armas. Share the magic of a meal in the Sampo’s home or the seclusion of our forest lean-to or large, traditional, open-air forest-loft.


Rahgamo Resort’s sauna world offers the sweetest steam – for individuals or parties as large as 25. Find your peace in sauna-spirit steam from traditional wood-heated rocks, choose between skin warming moist to stress-melting medium to fire-smoked hot. Quench in the natural spring pond just steps from the sauna door.


At Rahgamo Resort you can raise your wellness, with an individual-focused guide or by your own program. Exercise in the yard or walk along the boardwalks to our traditional lean-to or open-air forest-loft for a stretching session in the woods. Hiking our many crisscrossing nature trails. The landscapes are sure to add to the joy of moving more and more free and easy.


At Rahgamo Resort there are bedrests, blankets, berths and beds for as many as 30. Our Urmas, Lemmes and Aatos cottages offer traditional interiors with private bedrooms, lofts, and group bunks. For the aristocrat of the forest, there is the Villa Rahgamo, with its private sauna and which sleeps 6.

Rahgamo Resort

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